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CKTECH officially launched the international sub-brand LOGO COMLEAP

Brand identity is an important symbol to bridge cultural barriers. In order to better develop the international market, according to the current development needs, Changkun Technology officially launched the international sub-brand LOGO COMLEAP trademark logo visual system while maintaining the original LOGO system, and released a new international sub-brand slogan (Slogan): "Simplify The Complex".


The international sub-brand COMLEAP is a new design, using a flat and minimalist design concept, and the graphic mark combined with the word mark on the right side to visually convey the brand image of Changkun Technology more accurately - a sense of hard technology, leapfrogging and internationalization, and the core information conveyed as a whole reflects the international brand positioning and strategic direction of Changkun Technology, marking the company has entered a new stage of development! On the basis of inheriting the main LOGO CK logo of Changkun Technology, the new LOGO adds a combination of COM and LEAP as the theme elements, implying the company's corporate vision of eliminating the digital divide and realizing the leap in communication, and at the same time reflects the company's original mission of focusing on the main business of wireless communication. Through the special design of the first letter C in COMLEAP with scientific and technological elements, it fully reflects the pursuit of Changkun Technology, as a hard technology enterprise, to adhere to independent research and development, continuous innovation, and constantly create excellent value for customers. The new international brand image will help to promote the company's publicity and communication with customers at home and abroad, and actively work with customers to achieve digital communication and form a win-win upward force!