​MetaBTS BS5524

Based on the advanced ARM and SoC 5G RAN platform, the 5G baseband and RF functions together are integrated inside MetaBTS 5524. BS5524 supports Sub-6G and millimeter wave bands simultaneously. BS5524 is suitable for outdoor 5G hotspot area coverage to provide cost-effective and high-performance 5G wireless access network solutions for industrial enterprise and technology park.

Dual-mode design with high integration

Adopting integrated design, 5G baseband and RF functions are integrated internal BS5524 for lower power consumption and higher integration. BS5524 supports N77/N78/N79 band and 100MHz carrier bandwidth, simultaneously supports millimeter wave band and more than 200MHz carrier bandwidth.

Large capacity and high data throughput

BS5524 supports 4T4R quad-channel with MIMO technology. The RF power is over 4*5W on Sub-6G band and the peak data throughput can reach more than 1.5Gbps. BS5524 supports uplink dominant subframe rationing to further enhance the uplink data throughput.
BS5524 supports the antenna array of 64 antennas and 2×2 MIMO for uplink and downlink. The EIRP of BS5524 is more than 50dBm and the peak data throughput of BS5524 can reach more than 3.0Gbps

All-IP structure and flexible deployment

BS5524 is on all-IP architecture and 10Gbps backhaul interface to support flexible deployment. BS5524 has the characteristics of compact structure design, green energy saving, easy installation and maintenance. The Ingress Protection level of BS5524 is IP67 and the operating temperature range is from -40℃ to +55℃, which makes BS5524 can work in all kinds of outdoor application environments.