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CP630 is a kind of industrial backpack 4G CPE product and specially designed for 4G network conforming to the Release9 standard defined by 3GPP. CP630 supports TD-LTE 1.4GHz and 1,8GHz frequency band. LTE modem, net router and data access point functions are integrated inside CP630. CP630 has ergonomic backpack design and long battery life.

Multiple carrier bandwidth

CP630 supports multiple LTE carrier bandwidth and flexible uplink and downlink time slot allocation defined by 3GPP organization, such as 3:1, 2:2, 1:3 time slot allocation. CP630 supports downlink two antennas MIMO and the Max. radio transmitting power of CP630 is 5W.

Professional interfaces

CP630 supports video encoding function and has professional interfaces such as HDMI, earphone and microphone interface, waterproof Ethernet interface.

Rich net routing functions

CP630 has rich net routing functions, such as route configuration and management, Dynamic Domain name Resolution, DHCP, multiple IP configuration, data link backup, etc. CP630 supports firewall and VPN function to promote the network security.

Convenient O&M

CP630 supports the SNMP protocol, customized EMS software, click-to- start function. CP615 supports traffic management technology and intelligent bandwidth distribution technology.

Strong adaptability to environment

The Ingress Protection level of CP630 is IP65 and the operating temperature range is from -25℃ to +50℃, which makes CP615 can work in all kinds of outdoor application environments.