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CP5104-OB00 is a kind of industrial outdoor 5G CPE product and specially designed for industrial 5G high-speed IoT (Internet of Things) application conforming to the Release15 standard defined by 3GPP. CP5104-OB00 can provide long-range communication by connecting the external antenna with high gain. The MMW (Millimeter Wave) mode can be customized to provide higher wireless data rate.

All of 4G&5G frequency band and high data throughput

CP5104-OB00 supports all of 4G&5G frequency band and SA or NSA 5G network mode. The Max. peak data throughput can reach more than 2.0Gbps in Sub-6G band. CP5104-OB00 supports WiFi6 and the Max. peak data throughput of WiFi can reach more than 3.5Gbps.

long-range communication and convenient O&M

CP5104-OB00 can provide long-range communication by connecting the external directional or omnidirectional antenna with high gain. When the USIM card is plugged in and the power button is pressed, CP5104-OB00 starts to work. CP5104-OB00 supports IP data transparent transmission function and Web O&M user interface, which makes it easy to use and operate.

Strong and durable, stable and reliable

The Ingress Protection level of CP5104-OB00 is IP67 and the operating temperature range is from -40℃ to +55℃, which makes CP5104-OB00 can work in all kinds of outdoor application environments. CP5104-OB00 has high reliability and can run with 7*24 hours continuously, which conforms to the requirement of carrier-grade reliability.