Based on the integrated 4G Base Station platform UN300 conforms to LTE and B-TrunC standards, and supports TDD private network band. UN300 is specially designed for emergency communication application scenarios, such as field scientific research, forest fire prevention, disaster rescue, and other emergency scenarios. UN300 is suitable for vehicle mobile or fixed coverage scenarios.

Highly integrated and rich functions

LTE Base Station baseband and RF functions, EPC and IMS Core Network functions are integrated in single physical node to provide 4G high-speed data service, VoLTE audio/video calls and SMS services. The multimedia dispatching function is optional to support audio/video trunking, multimedia dispatching etc.

Long distance coverage and flexible networking

UN300 has two RF channels (2T2R) and the Max. RF power per channel is 30W. UN300 can provide longer coverage distance. The networking method of UN300 is flexible. UN300 supports backhaul modes, such as satellite link, wireless MESH and microwave.

Fast deployment and convenient operation

UN300 can enter working condition and complete network deployment within 5 minutes with one-button power on function. The configuration and operation are convenient by the control panels and LCD display on UN300.