R6212 is the Remote Radio Unit of distributed 4G macro Base Station on SDR platform. R6212 conforms to TD-LTE technology and Broadband Trunking Communication (B-TrunC) standard.

Double carrier and large capacity

R6212 supports dual RF carriers and the Max. carrier bandwidth reach up to 40MHz, which can provide high data throughput and large user capacity. R6212has two RF channels (2T2R) and the Max. RF power per channel is 30W to meet the requirement of customized long-distance LTE signal coverage.

Easy to deploy and convenient O&M

R6212 can be installed on towers, poles or on the wall, which makes it is easy to be deployed. R6212 supports remote O&M and online software upgrade smoothly. The maintenance and operation are convenient.

Energy saving and high environmental adaptability

R6212 supports high efficiency natural cooling technology for green energy saving and can run with no noise. The Ingress Protection level of R6212 is IP66 and the operating temperature range is from -40℃ to +55℃, which makes BS6212 can work in all kinds of outdoor application environments.