B6200 is the Baseband Unit of distributed 4G macro Base Station on SDR platform. B6200 conforms to TD-LTE technology and Broadband Trunking Communication (B-TrunC) standard.

Large capacity design and convenient expansion

B6200 supports dual RF carriers and the Max. carrier bandwidth reach up to 40MHz, which can provide high data throughput and large user capacity. B6200 supports flexible LTE carrier bandwidth defined by 3GPP organization, such as 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz and 20MHz. The bandwidth can be configured to gain high spectrum utilization.

Mature and stable

Based on the large-scale mature commercial carrier-grade SDR platform B6200 is mature and stable. B6200 supports flexible time slot ratios of 1:3, 2:2 or 3:1, which is especially suitable for private network application scenarios with high uplink data rate service.

Easy installation and flexible networking

B6200 is 2U height with standard 19-inch frame and can be installed on the wall and every kind of 19-inch standard cabinet to reduce the requirement for the machine room. B6200 supports all-IP networking and meets the requirements of different transmission methods of operators.

Energy saving and convenient maintenance

B6200 can help reduce operator’s OPEX with low energy consumption and high efficiency of heat dissipation. The rich O&M functions make it easy to operate by local or remote O&M client.