The remote pRRU, R5104/R5102 forms a 5G indoor distributed system together with the distributed 5G BBU and rHUB. The pRRU mainly implements RF signal and digital signal conversion. R5104 supports 4T4R quad-channel and R5102 supports 2T2R dual-channel with 250mW single channel transmit power.

High integration

The pRRU has characteristics of small size, light weight, high integration. flexible and easy installation. The pRRU can better adapt to small installation spaces. The Ingress Protection level of pRRU is IP31 and has passive heat dissipation without noise to meet the requirements of indoor deployment.

High openness

The pRRU supports 4T4R quad-channel or 2T2R dual-channel, which can meet the requirement for indoor coverage and 5G signal access in different High scenarios, and is compliant with 5G NR standards and can interoperate with different manufacturers' baseband units and rHUB.

Easy maintenance

The optical and electrical ports are designed to be compatible to meet the requirements of different signal coverage scenarios. No manual intervention is required after installation, and the remote NOC is supported for maintenance and online upgrades.