The remote aggregation unit, rHUB, together with the distributed 5G baseband unit and the remote pRRU forms a 5G indoor distributed system. The rHUB mainly performs the functions of optical conversion, as well as uplink and downlink signal merging and splitting.

Extensive interfaces and scalability

E5100 can provide 8 pRRU interfaces (optical ports) with built-in -48V and PoE power supply functions to provide remote power supply for the pRRU. E5100 supports one OMT interface (Ethernet port) and one ALM interface (Ethernet port). E5100 supports two levels of cascading and a single E5100 can connect 8 pRRU.

Easy to deploy and highly adaptable to the environment

E5100 is designed with complicated installation environment. E5100 supports natural heat dissipation to avoid noise complaints and has a protection level of IP31 for higher reliability. E5100 can be directly mounted on the wall or standard 19" cabinet.