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5GC2000 is a kind of carrier-grade 5G Core Network product and specially designed for telecom operators to support millions of users, which is conforming to the 5GC international standard defined by 3GPP. 5GC2000 is based on NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technology and carried-grade software and hardware architecture. All of the 5GC network elements are integrated inside 5GC2000.

The capacity of millions of users.

Based on NFV technology platform and carried-grade all IP software and hardware architecture, 5GC2000 can realized the capacity of millions of users by the pool of X86 servers. The NFV technology platform and the pool of X86 servers can realize flexible capacity configuration for telecom operators to build different 5GC network sizes.

Standard protocols and be easy to build.

5GC2000 conforms to the standard protocols of 5G Core Network defined by 3GPP organization and support SA or NSA network mode. All of the 5GC network elements can be deployed centrally or distributedly, and the UPF network elements can be separated from 5GC2000 and located nearby the 5G NR access network. 5GC2000 supports flexible network protocol to confirm to the requirement and development trend of 5G industrial application.

High reliability and convenient O&M

5GC2000 is based on the carrier-grade software and hardware architecture and can run with 7*24 hours continuously, which conforms to the requirement of carrier-grade reliability. The centralized and remote management of O&M functions of 5GC2000 help operators manage the Core Network conveniently, which meets the network management architecture requirements of telecom operators. The functions of O&M can be customized according to operators’ requirements.