Customized Products

5G Baseband Unit

The 5G Baseband Unit is based on the 5G DU baseband board and is available in a 19" standard 1U height frame with one or two built-in baseband boards. It can be used with pRRUs of different frequency bands to form a 5G indoor distributed base station system, or with 2T2R two-channel or 4T4R four-channel high RFpower RRU to form a 5G outdoor distributed base station system.

5G DU unit based on X86 architecture

According to thel requirements of customers, the 5G DU baseband board can be plugged into the X86/ARM platform RAN server by the PCI-E interface to operate as a 5G DU board, which meets the deployment requirements of customers in various scenarios such as 5G single mode, 4G&5G dual mode, etc.

Integrated 5G base station

The integrated 5G high-power base station is derived from the 5G DU baseband unit and supports 4T4R quad-channel. Each channel RF power is 5W/10W, and the carrier bandwidth is 100MHz (Sub-6G). it can be customized to support different frequency bands planned by 3GPP, such as TDD 2.6GHz, 3.5GHz band, etc.