The distributed 5G RAN baseband unit, B5120 is based on the industry's advanced ARM and SoC 5G RAN platform with integrated CU/DU design to realize 5G NR baseband processing functions. B5120 can form a 5G indoor distributed system together with rHUB and pRRU, and also can form an outdoor distributed macro base station system together with high-power 5G RRU, which can provide low-power, cost-effective 5G indoor and outdoor distributed coverage solutions for telecom operators and private network users.

Large capacity and lower power consumption

With the standard 1U frame architecture, a single B5120 can support 8*2T2R or4*4T4R 100MHz 5G NR cells. The maximum peak data processing capacity can reach more than 6.5Gbps. B5120 is based on the advanced ARM and SoC platform to achieve lower power consumption at the same capacity and reduce customer’s CAPEX and OPEX.

All-IP structure and flexible deployment

B5120 is on all-IP architecture and switching mode, supports 10GE backhaul and CPRI/eCPRI fronthaul interfaces, which meets the different transmission requirement of operators and private networks. B5120 support star/chain networking mode of remote RRU units for more flexible deployment.

Small size and easy installation

B5120 has small size and light weight and can better fit the small installation spaces. The installation of B5120 is flexible for wall-mounted or in standard 19-inch rack and cabinets, which can reduce the requirements of the equipment room and improve the co-location deployment with other equipment.

Convenient and abundant O&M functions

B5120 supports abundant network management functions for local and remote O&M, which can be easy maintenance by base station EMS.