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BCN1000 is a kind of integrated professional digital wide-band trunking communication Core Network product and specially designed for private network conforming to the Broadband Trunking Communication (B-TrunC) standard. BCN1000 is based on carried-grade software and hardware architecture and enhanced LTE wireless access technology to reduce the time delay of digital trunking calls. All of the trunking communication CN network elements are integrated inside a single physical node of ATCA X86 server framework with 5U height.

High confluence and high integration density

The EPC function of LTE Core Network and B-TrunC CN function are integrated inside BCN1000 and the user capacity of BCN1000 can reach 50,000, which makes it easy to be deployed conveniently. BCN1000 is highly integrated based on all IP software and hardware architecture, high-performance hardware processing platform and modular large capacity software structure.

Professional digital trunking functions

BCN1000 confirms to the B-TrunC standards and can provide rich professional digital trunking functions. The time delay of group call establishment is less than 300ms. The time delay of call right request is less than 200ms. The standard interface protocols make it easy to connect with other network or the third part application platform.

High reliability and convenient O&M

BCN1000 is based on the carrier-grade software and hardware architecture, and the 1+1 redundant backup power supply of BCN1000 supports over current and voltage protection. BCN1000 can run with 7*24 hours continuously, which conforms to the requirement of carrier-grade reliability. The centralized and remote management of O&M functions of BCN1000 help operators manage the BCN1000 conveniently. The functions of O&M can be customized according to operators’ requirements.